North to South (Part 2) – To Nelson

After taking a rest in Wellington, the next day early morning we woke up and depart to Wellington Terminal ((Jetty) for our ferry ride. As we booked the earliest ride so we must reach the on time and queue. Before that we already online booking for Ferry together with our car and 4 humans. Total cost us NZD 347 in total.



The ferry is huge enough to accommodate many humans and many cars. Because every different ferry can accommodate different numbers of passengers and vehicles so just book online there is few companies you can check the price too. The whole journey from Wellington Terminal to Picton Terminal took us 3 hours. After entering the ferry you can spend your life inside. (Oh no I mean time) There is free WiFi, Cinema, lounge, restaurants and etc. We then order two plates of Big Breakfast that cost us NZD16 each plate. You have no choice. As we didn’t book the buffet (too poor) so the free one was the scene. We did fully enjoy it. No lie. All thanks to the good weather.


Nice Scene nice weather the most important was a free one. I know now you want to ask what camera I use to shoot such a wonderful picture (oops self-compliment) All I can tell is I just use my little Goldie Iphone6 camera. Please believe it! The power of iPhone is really amazing until you see the photos taken. All of this is the original photo without any editing work but I did adjust for the lighting. So how was it? Nice? I personally think it’s nice LOL. Just a reminder for people who will seasick might need to bring some medicine with you. For me, I am still able to handle it. Just don’t keep on sitting, suggested to walk around look something far, keep moving don’t stay quiet then you will be alright, trust me. If you wondering where I booked my Ferry ticket you can check it out HERE I provided the link over here for you guys as a reference. You need to register when you book.IMG_8140

After 3 hours ferry tour, we finally touch down at Picton Terminal and continues our journey to Nelson. As from Picton to Nelson took us roughly 2 hours only, so we booked our stay at Nelson. Our initial plan was to stay a night in Nelson and walk in some factory look for a job and meet our friends there. But end up we decided to stay for 2 night.

Actually the first stay I book through Airbnb was really bad. I book for entire place and expecting for something like home. Yet what I get is a motor lodge totally different from what I want. Initially was thought that just let it since we only stay for a night and second day going to leave. But the worst has yet to discover. The worst was the room that we check in is the dirty room which previously used by the host. First, I found the toilet bowl full of tissue paper. I thought the housekeeper forgot to flush. Second, I open up the fridge it’s so dirty with stain and smell really bad. Can you imagine? Third, this is the point that blows up my anger which we found a woman purse underneath the blanket. What went through my mind was the room actually stay by the host but then she sold it to guest without a proper cleaning. When I think of the bed sheet might not change as well then I got goose bumps all over my body. When I make a complaint to Airbnb and then they talk to the host. All I get was just a text message from the host said that “Any problem please refer to us immediately.” That all, I have then requested a full refund and immediately check out from the room. Worst memory ever.

After that, I have then quickly look for another stay again. Because after settle the previous room already took us an hour and it’s quite late already. Can you imagine customer service handling complaint about an hour? Anyway, luckily our luck was good enough that we manage to found a really good one. Although a little bit far from town. But it’s all worth! Want to see the fantastic homestay? This is one of the best stays along the journey. I feel so great that with the luck we have, at the end we found such a wonderful homestay.

Taadaa! Once step into this house I am so excited as this is totally my style of homestay! I love all the small little sticky notes that bring a message. Everything was so well arranged and managed by the host. Really appreciate the hard work and I promise myself must share it out to everyone. It’s actually a cottage in the farm but looks! it’s so nice and pretty and warm! how can I not to share right! Check out the video HERE. After check in here, all of us was really hungry. We ended up eating instant noodle. Sigh.


Last but not least, here is a sheep photo for you guys as my ending post. I love all of the animals in the farms. I love to stay here make me feel so calm and relax. Even we are under the stress of being unemployed for almost a month. Still, we enjoy the whole journey. Again, we have only one life, live to the fullness. No regret allow! See ya! xoxo

•••Information Corner •••

♠ Ferry Ticket ♠
1. Bluebridge
2. Interislander

♠ Accommodation ♠

Address: 169 White Road, Tasman 7081, New Zealand
Contact Person: Viktoria
Contact Number: +64 2188 1498

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